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     What to Wear for a Fishing Trip in Wet Weather

    With the unexpected weather we often experience here in the UK, it’s wise to be prepared for any eventuality when packing for a fishing trip.  Here at Gone Fishing UK we have put together a brief guide to help you ensure that remain comfortable and dry whatever the weather.


    A warm waterproof hat is the most ideal choice for fishing in wet weather as it will keep you warm and dry so you don’t even have to worry about the rain. You want it to be something comfy so you won’t mind wearing for extended periods of time if the downpour persists.

    Body wear

    Pick a jacket that’s high quality and promises to last long, that way it could potentially last you a lifetime. If you choose a lightweight jacket you won’t feel too burdened by wearing it but a thicker jacket might keep you warmer, so keep that in mind when deciding. Either way, you want your fishing jacket to be 100% waterproof, wind-proof and breathable, that way it will be able to protect you against the elements whilst keeping you comfortable. It is also wise to purchase a fishing jacket with a high collar so your neck is covered, and a peaked hood to help keep the rain off your face. The hood can be coupled with your hat to keep you extra dry.

    Remember to check:

    • The thickness
    • Warmth
    • Waterproofness
    • If the material breathes



    Purchasing a microfleece could be the perfect accompaniment to your jacket for your fishing trip. Microfleeces are lightweight enough to be worn under your jacket to create more layers of warmth. Plus, they can be used on dry days too as outerwear, so it’s a transferrable garment.

    Remember to check:

    • If the fleece is lightweight
    • If the fleece will fit nicely under your fishing jacket


    You want your trousers to be lightweight so it doesn’t feel heavy when the rain starts to fall. You don’t want the material to hug you too much as they’ll feel uncomfortable once they’re wet. Finally, make sure the legs can fit easily over your boots so water is less likely to fall into them.

    Remember to check:

    • The trousers aren’t too tight
    • The material is lightweight
    • The ankle of the trouser can fit over your boots


    It’s important your shoes are moisture-proof and not water absorbent, as you don’t want to find the inside of your shoe is suddenly wet while you’re reeling in a huge catch! Don’t compromise on comfort; you’ll be in those shoes for hours at a time so make sure they fit just right and like your trousers you want them to be breathable. Insulated shoes are perfect as they protect your feet from freezing in the cold weather. Finally, consider getting shoes that are easy to clean because they’ll always look brand new.


    Remember to check:

    • Your footwear fits but they’re not too snug
    • That you feel comfortable moving in your shoes
    • They’re waterproof
    • They’re insulating
    • They are easy to clean

    We’ve given you a lot to consider when purchasing clothing for your fishing trip. Don’t worry, we haven’t given you all this information without a reliable place to start searching. At Gone Fishing UK we have a vast range of high quality, durable, weatherproof clothing for you to choose from here.