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    The 5 Most Popular Fishing Techniques in the UK

    Here in the UK, we’re blessed with a wide variety of saltwater and freshwater fish, which has led to a great range of fishing techniques. Whether you are new to fishing and want to find out what’s out there for you, or you have fished before but are looking to broaden your horizons, join us as we explore our top 5 most popular fishing techniques in the UK…

    1. Pole Fishing

    Pole fishing is a popular technique for freshwater fish, and is a great way to access hard to reach areas on the water. Instead of a standard rod and reel, this technique involves a long, graphite carbon pole which offers greater flexibility when fishing. A length of elastic is then attached to the pole holding the line, float, hook and weights. Many anglers across the UK would argue that pole fishing is the leading fishing technique because of the control it gives; the bait can be placed exactly where it needs to and easily move it in a way that attracts the fish nearby.

    2. Coarse Fishing

    Coarse fishing is immensely popular in the UK; the term “coarse” dates back to the 19th Century, and was used to distinguish freshwater fish such as carp, pike and perch from game fish like trout and salmon. Because coarse fishing refers to so many different types of fish, there is a wide range of rods and equipment available depending on where you plan to fish, when you are doing it, and what fish you plan to catch. Whether you want to be an “all-round angler”, or you are drawn to a particular type of fish, we’ll have the right equipment for you here at Gone Fishing.

    3. Carp Fishing

    Carp come in many shapes and sizes, and can be found in freshwater rivers and lakes across Europe and in Asia. Carp fishing, which is a strand of coarse fishing, is one of the UK’s most popular fishing methods – we think this is because of the amount of options available, from setting up at a day ticket water to embarking on an expedition to France, Holland or Spain. It’s fairly easy to get set up with all the equipment you need, whatever your budget.

    4. Sea Fishing

    While freshwater fishing is particularly popular in the UK, we also love sea fishing of all shapes and sizes. Throughout Britain’s coasts, there are opportunities for shore fishing, pier fishing and boat fishing, each of which come with their own flavour. If catching saltwater fish in the fresh sea air sounds like your thing, you’ll be pleased to know that we offer a vast knowledge on the subject and can help you find the right rod and equipment for your trip. 

    5. Predator Fishing

    Pike can be caught from 1st October to mid-March, using a lure, or dead and live baits. Catfish, on the other hand, are dormant during the winter and become more active from late spring into the summer months. Catfish are real scavengers, meaning that anything from large pellets to dead or live fish could tickle their fancy. You will also need to bring a few extra tools with you when pike fishing, as these fish can bite if you are not careful while removing hooks. If you’re interested in trying catfish or pike fishing, come and visit us– our experts will be able to give you some top tips!

    Here at Gone Fishing, we love chatting to anglers of all abilities and give advice on where to fish, when, and what to buy. If you’re preparing for a trip, get in touch.