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     Eseential Tips for summer carp fishing

    Essential Tips for Summer Carp Fishing

    With summer here, you can look forward to more carp fishing. Fishing for carp isn’t always easy, though, even for more experienced anglers, which is why we’ve come up with some essential tips for summer carp fishing. They should help you secure a great catch!

    Think about your technique

    When people first start fishing for carp they tend to forget the top layers of the water, which is a big mistake. When the weather conditions are more relaxed and wind driven mixing is at its lowest, top layers of the water column are warmed up by the sun, and this will separate the cooler water away from the surface. This separation from the warm and oxygen-rich water in the upper layers separates from the lower down cooler layers which now have less oxygen, which will result is less fish in the lower layers as they move to the upper layers. Once again in calm and hot conditions when fishing in deep waters, the fish will be in the top water layers and margins. This means zig fishing and surface fishing with controller floats are the best techniques to use. These techniques will help you catch more fish in the warmer months!


    Don’t forget shallow waters

    Margins are perfect for fishing for carp. Margins tend to be quite weedy, and because it’s shallow, the waters become quite warm and carp like to gather there. With all the greenery and sunlight there’s also a lot food in the margins that draws carp in. A zig rig will help you adjust your range for these shallower waters.  


    Fish later in the day (if permitted)

    Some fishing spots don’t allow night fishing but for those that do, take advantage of it. Some anglers will put their excess bait in the water before they leave for home. Carp will notice the bait and because it’s later in the day they won’t expect anyone to still be fishing. This all works in your favour because it gives you the perfect opportunity to try and snag an unassuming carp.


    Pick the right bait

    In spring, carp are extremely hungry after the cold winter months, so many anglers will use an excess amount of boilies to attract the carp in their direction. As a result, by summer the carp have had their fair share of boilies so try using controller floats, bread or dog biscuits instead.


    Use several spots

    In the summer, carp are very active, which means you need to keep a watchful eye on several different spots. To start off with, throw a handful of your bait into the spots you’ve chosen. From there it’s all about waiting to see movement in the water which will indicate carp are nearby. When you’ve determined where they’re most active, focus your efforts in that spot.


    Wear the right clothing  

    Dressing in dull, earthy colours will help you blend into your surroundings and the fish will remain unassuming. This could help increase your chances of a snagging a carp. To help you see the carp lurking about, wear some polarising glasses to take the glare off of the water which will allow you to see under the surface more easily, especially on lakes where the water is clearer.

    With these essential tips, we hope you’re able to reel in some great catches this summer. If you’d like more information about carp fishing, feel free to get in contact with us or for fishing equipment visit our Gone Fishing online store.