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    5 Fishing Accessories We Can’t Live Without

    5 Fishing Accessories We Can’t Live Without


    When we go fishing, there are 5 accessories we can’t live without. They make our fishing trips a lot easier and safer, so we decided to share them with you!


     1. Korda Krusha

    Korda’s Krusha is able to crush up any bait within seconds. Whether it’s tiger nuts, pellets or boilies, this little accessory can handle it all. It trumps other bait crushers because its blades don’t grow blunt or break. It’s also simple to use; just put your bait in the fill section, then place the second section on top and twist. Once you have the super handy Krusha, you won’t be able to imagine life without it.

    2. A good pair of scissors

    A pair of decent scissors is an essential accessory to carry with you. From cutting your fishing lines to constructing rigs and cutting up dead bait, a good pair of scissors, preferably with serrated edges on both blades, will give a sharp clean cut. We have a pair in stock with comfortable handles, so that you can cut without difficulty.

     3. Unhooking mat

    Unhooking mats are integral for the protection of fish and a necessity at every fishery. Like the name suggests, this accessory offers protection for fish while you are unhooking. A layer of foam or poly balls in the centre of the mat provides padded comfort for fish, and the surface is waterproof and easy to wipe clean.

     4. PVA bag and stockings

    PVA bags enable anglers to get a good amount of bait around the hook bait. They also help disguise the hook bait which fools the fish and gives you a chance to snag an unsuspecting catch. You can use the bag in amongst the weeds so it’s great for carp fishing. The Rapide Load PVA Bag System is particularly good because it can load and tie a bag in a matter of seconds.


    PVA Stockings help you keep the hooklink straight as you pull it through the PVA bag. It eliminates the risk of tangles on the rig when you’re casting and it makes sure it’s presented well on the bottom of the lake.

     5. Pro Logic Steri- 7

    Finally, the Steri-7 spray and wipes are two disinfectant products we can’t live without on fishing trips. For use on fish, the spray cleans out bacteria from cuts and creates a protective barrier against infection – all you have to do is spray it on before letting the fish back into the water. The Steri-7 wipes are essential for your own protection against things like Weil’s disease; they can be used on practically any surface including hands, cooking utensils and fishing equipment.


    These are 5 of the fishing accessories we think are a necessity. You can find all of them in our Gone Fishing online store and if you have any more enquiries, please contact us.