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    Best Bait for Carp Fishing on the bottom: Advice from the Experts


    There are several types of bait you can use to catch carp from the bottom of the water’s surface. To make sure you have all the information you need for your next trip, we’re sharing our expert advice!



    Boilies are the main form of bait used to fish for carp at lower water levels. Boilies work particularly well when sweetcorn is added on the end of a hair rig above the boilie. The added colour from the sweetcorn helps attract carp.

    You can get frozen or shelf life boilies; they each come with their own benefits so it’s up to you to decide which you prefer.

    Frozen: frozen boilies start working in the water faster and they lock in the freshness. Remember, boilies need to be defrosted prior to your trip before you put them in an air dry boilie bag. Otherwise, moisture will gather in the bag and the boilies will crumble.

    Shelf life: shelf life boilies are easy to store and you can use them straight from the packet. You don’t have to worry about freezing or unfreezing your bait. If you’re in a hurry, shelf life boilies are the best option.

    Note:  Glugs and paste can help enhance the appearance of the bait to attract fish.



    Pop-ups are massively important to catching carp. It will help suspend the hook just above the bottom so it doesn’t get hidden on the bottom of the lake. They also come in bold, bright colours that will help catch the carp’s attention. As they are made of plastic, they are extremely durable which means they can stay in your fishing bag for whenever you need them.



    Wafters are very buoyant and ‘critically balanced’, which means they are designed to sink into the water slower. A benefit is that they’re easy for carp to eat; they just fly into their mouths. Wafters can actually sit above the hook, which is an additional benefit as it conceals the hook a bit. Like pop-ups, they fly into a carp’s mouth with ease.


    Halibut Pellets

    Halibut pellets are an oily bait which makes them ideal for summer. Oily baits should be avoided during colder months because the oil can congeal in the water. It is also high in protein: it typically contains low-temperature fishmeal, fish oil, fish protein concentrate, crustacean meal, corn product, vitamins and minerals. The high-quality ingredients they contain are easy for carp to digest and they have palatability enhancers making them tastier.



    Maggots are a standard, all-round natural bait. They are the popular choice because they are able to attract fish of different sizes in different seasons. Put on a few with the use of a maggot rig to attract fish, and you could reel in a big one!


    When fishing for carp, there are a lot of bait options available. If you would like to find out more and purchase some great quality carp bait, why not visit us at Gone Fishing?