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    How to Choose the Right Carp Rod for You

    How to Choose the Right Carp Rod for You

    Choosing the right fishing carp rod is essential; it impacts how well you can cast a line and make a catch. Here we’ve shared some expert tips to help you decide on the perfect rod!

    Picking the right fishing rod depends on the type of water you’re fishing in and the species of fish you’re trying to catch. Bigger bodies of water and bigger fish require a longer rod with a great test curve, and vice versa.

    Fishing in small to medium waters

    If you’re fishing in small to medium waters, we advise a 12ft fishing rod with a 2.75lb to 3.25lb test curve. A rod like this is ideal for small and medium sized fish. Bear in mind that you shouldn’t fish at great distances with a rod of this specification because it doesn’t have enough bend or length that’s required.

    Fishing in large waters

    When you’re fishing large bodies of water, for instance anywhere that’s 120+ yards, you’ll need a longer, 13ft rod. You’ll be able to fish from a much greater distance with this rod and snag an impressive catch, because these rods are much stiffer. The rod will need a test curve 3.5lb, or perhaps 3.75lbs, but the latter is harder to come by.

    Choosing the right butt ring

    40mm butt rings are the smaller size option. These should be used with a smaller spool because it has a smaller circle feeding off line and a smaller hole. If you were to use a 40mm butt ring on a bigger reel the line would come out of a big circle feeding and a smaller circle. This would slow the line going through the eye and hinder your ability to cast.

    50mm butt rings are larger and perfect for a bigger spool. However, some people like to use a 50mm butt ring on a smaller spool because the butt ring allows the line through easier and allows you to cast further. 50mm butt rings are the most popular option because they have better aesthetics and they have great casting abilities!


    Industry standard

    The most standard rod you could choose for fishing in the UK is a 12ft rod with a 50mm butt ring. The rod should have a 3lb test curve.

    We hope this has helped you work out which type of rod you should purchase for carp fishing. If you’d like to find out more, have a chat to our experts in store or browse our range of rods online!