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    Top Tips for Carp Fishing in winter

    As the temperature drops and lakes begin to freeze, the success of carp fishing can quickly decline. We’ve put together a quick guide on how to continue catching carp all year round- winter included.

    Right Water

    Choosing the right place for carp fishing is vital in the winter. As the temperature drops, Carp fish go looking for the warmest waters they can find. Try hunting out waters that are in the suns warmth all day, as this will help to raise the temperature of the water. Warmer water also means the carp fish are more likely to feed. During winter, warmer waters tend to be full of carp fish, meaning the odds of you catching carp fish are high.

    Small Bait

    Carp fish are more likely to feed in the winter months if the food is small and easy to digest. To entice the carp to your hook, try to use smaller bits of bait or chop up boilies, as this can help the Carp to digest food a lot easier. The bigger the bait or boilie, the less likely you are to draw in any attention from a carp fish. This is because carp are a lot more inclined into taking a few smaller baits than one, large bait.

    Live Bait

    Why not try using live bait in order to get some attention from carp? By using maggots and worms, you’re highly likely to get some real interest from larger carp fish. Using real live bait is one of the best baiting tactics, specifically during winter months, as they tend to wriggle about on the bottom of the lake floor, encouraging carp to feed and get closer to where you are fishing. Try to scatter your bait sparingly around the lake as carp fish tend to prefer a selection. This is due to the fact that they feed so little and want to ensure they can digest their food.


    Over the winter months, try to keep the disturbance in the water to a minimum. This is because the water gets clearer during colder months, meaning the carp are going to be able to detect danger much quicker and easier than they would in the summer. The less disturbance you can create in and around the water in which you are fishing is the best way to create a safe, calm atmosphere for the carp fish. This will in turn draw more carp to your area where you can tempt them with your bait.

    Carp fishing in the winter often requires more patience and is often much tougher than in the summer months. If you would like more information on winter carp fishing tips, or you’d like to find some great accessories to help you fish in these months, we’d be happy to help. Simply get in touch with a member of the friendly Gone Fishing UK team by visiting our contact page or by giving us a call on 01268 691542. Why not tweet us your questions to @GoneFishingUK.